Low transparent fees

0% Initial charge

fundsnet do not receive any initial commission or make any charge when you invest. This applies for all lump sum investments, transferring funds to us and each time you make a monthly investment. This means all funds have an initial charge of 0%.

Free Switching

You are able to switch between any fund or fund manager for free as many times as you wish.

Low annual charge

fundsnet and Aegon charge an annual tiered service charge based on the size of your investment of between 0.00% - 0.40% (fundsnet) and 0.15% - 0.26% (Aegon). Please see the table below for more details.

You then pay the standard annual charges levied by the fund manager, you can view these charges on the Aegons Fees and charges Schedule, as they vary from funds to fund. This is provided before you invest.

Portfolio Value*Aegon annual platform chargefundsnet annual service charge
£0 - £250K0.26%0.40%
> £250 - £500K0.23%0.25%
> £500K - £1m0.20%0.00%
> £1m0.15%0.00%

*Aegons and fundsnet charges are calculated based on bands of investment. For example the Aegons annual charge for a £350,000 portfolio value would be 0.26% on the first £250,000 then 0.23% on the next £100,000 giving a blended Aegon charge of 0.25% per annum. The charges are calculated the same way for the fundsnet annual service charge.